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Who We Are Big lean thinkers Jadon Software Solutions delivers innovative technology solutions that create opportunities for organizations to dramatically increase productivity and promote design and engineering excellence by extending software systems and automating processes. Our Vision To become the most innovative IT company in the digital world Our Mission Consultation and development of software applications required in the business community
Our Skills
Our Skills As an experienced service provider with specialists in technology, design and development, we offer all services for the implementation of your website from web designing to the technical implementations. Here is a summary of our services:
Cloud Computing Cloud computing is presently a big shift compared to the traditional ways businesses think about IT resources. We provide Cloud based applications that suite your business needs and also help you transition and convert your traditional application to a state of the art Cloud based application which in return would give your business more agility, increased collaboration and a free capital-expenditure.
IOT Applications From smart pills to smart cities, IOT is changing the way people think and is storming the business world. With enterprises realizing the inevitable need to capitalize on this to surge ahead of competition and to ensure long-term business survival, we provide IOT solutions for you to empower customers and stay on top of this cutting-edge technology. IOT is the supreme technology of the future, however making the most of it is not something that is known to everyone. We, at Jadon will ensure that you conquer that with ease
Web Designing An effectively designed website has the power to attract and influence the right people while providing an opportunity to impress a potential new customer. Our business-driven approach along with the perfect mix of informed digital strategy with proven process will help you convert visitors to customers. With the creation of responsive websites we make sure that the lead generation is at the heart of your website because a website which fails to entice new customers is not your worthwhile?
Mobile Application Mobile applications can help increase engagement and foster customer loyalty and brand recognition. We equip you with cutting-edge research, development, and mobile application design to match your unique project requirements. We provide the quality assurance by industry professionals who ensure that your project is delivered to your complete satisfaction and produces the results you are looking for, letting you take advantage of this rapidly growing business market.
E-Commerce Development With so many transactions occurring via e-commerce in today’s demanding environment, your business can’t afford not to be e-commerce-ready. By designing easy-to-navigate, conversion-oriented ecommerce sites we improve user experience and capitalize on up-sell opportunities. Moreover we make your e-commerce site look great because, in ecommerce, first impressions really do matter
Software Development Jadonsoft specializes in highly customized software application development services that include variety of technologies and tools to achieve the desired results and business propositions. These need-based, highly functional designs help improve the bottom-line by increasing productivity, enhancing information & business process transparency and escalating business system efficiency. Our highly innovative team of developers will profit your business requirements with feature-rich and highly focused designs and architecture.
Life at Jadon
What makes Jadonsoft a unique software development company is its highly skilled developers who strive in a fun yet competetive work environment, building effective and innovative solutions to complex business problems.
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Job Vacancies
  • 5+ years of professional work experience in software development.
  • A full stack developer with expertise in .Net framework, Single Page Application development, Angular / Angular JS, MS SQL and Web API.
  • In depth knowledge and experience in object oriented design development and patterns.
  • Passionate about software development, innovative and be technology savvy.
  • A good team player and ability to work independently, efficiently and effectively.
  • 5+ years of professional work experience in Buisiness Intelligence.
  • Sound knowledge in SQL Server Integration services.
  • Sound knowledge in SQL server Analysis services.
  • Capability of DAX queries.
  • Sound knowledge in Power BI.
  • Sound knowledge in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence concepts.
  • Passionate about software development, innovative and be technology savvy.
  • Be a good team player and able to work independently, efficiently and effectively.
  • Minimum 3 years of industry experience in C#, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC and Web API.
  • Minimum 2 years of industry experience in Angular/Angular JS.
  • Sound knowledge in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Sound knowledge in Object Oriented Programming.
  • Passionate about software development, innovative and be technology savvy.
  • Be a good team player and able to work independently, efficiently and effectively.
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